Photogs! Considered this was probably justify a look. Am I right?

Hello Persons of Taste, this has an outside chance to be time killing.

By all means, the Olympus OMD EM5 was the camera that everyone wanted when it was introduced. Olympus did it right. They gave it retro ergonomics, a simple-to-use-design, and it was weather sealed. I remember putting that camera through some of the most torrential downpours I’d shot in that year. Paired with a few weather-sealed prime lenses, that camera felt the way that so many modern cameras should. It felt like a classic. And I honestly miss it. I never grew fond of the successors, which I felt became all too modernized. Instead, I yearn for the classic ergonomics that Olympus sometimes delivers. Those cameras truly feel, well, like a camera.

Was I on the money?
No need to thank me.

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