Photography Lovers! Thought this could probably qualify for a gander. Thoughts?

Yo Budding Photogs, this has a bonafide chance be worth a look.

Help us make the photo editing software of the future. Fill out a quick survey and you might even win an amazing prize!

Here at Skylum, we care about innovation. 

We want to create photo editing software that enables photo artists to edit faster and better, letting them focus on what they truly love. 

Now we are actively conducting research among photographers. We want to learn more about their current workflows and experiences when editing images, their pain points, and what they enjoy most. We’re looking for diversity and unique insights, so we can make our product better, more convenient, and more useful for the entire photo community.

If you have the time and desire to take part in our interview and share your experience, we will be very grateful. To leave a request for participation, please fill out this survey by clicking the link:

We will contact you in case you’re eligible for the interview. To show our appreciation for your time, everyone who takes part in the interview will receive a special gift from us.

Thank you for helping us make the photo editing world better!

Was I on the button?
Thank me later.

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