Photography Lovers! Figured that this just may justify a value post. Any ideas?

Yo Free Spirits, this may really be acceptable.

Why do we need four different ways? Well, watch the short video below and I explain (and I’ll get there’s at least one here you didn’t know, because there’s actually six different ways I show in the video).

Hope you found that helpful.

Have you heard about our Landscape Photography Conference next month?

It is blowing up!!! Huge interest in this all online, two-day, two track conference. If you haven’t heard the news, check out the video below (or click here for more details and tickets).

Have a great weekend everybody, stay healthy, and I hope to catch you here next week for more Lightroom love.


P.S. Did I mention if you sign up early for the Landscape Conference you save $150. That’s a ton. Totally worth it. Here’s that link again.

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