Photographers! Hoping that this just could be worth a scan. Am I right?

How goes it Photography Lovers, this could potentially be worth a peruse.

Ever since Fujifilm entered the medium format market, it has been working steadily on developing the system by making highly-capable and compelling cameras at very appealing price points. The Fujifilm GFX 50R is the company’s attempt to lure APS-C and full-frame customers into the GF system by providing a lightweight, compact, and yet very inexpensive (for medium format) camera. I had the opportunity to use the GFX 50R when it was released for a number of months while doing assignments in Uzbekistan in 2019, and although I really wanted to publish my review of this camera more than a year ago, I simply could not commit to it due to my busy schedule. Better late than never, I guess! I hope that our readers will at least enjoy some of the images presented here.

Was I correct?
You can thank me later.

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